Wyoming Heritage Grains - Grains (AP Sifted Flour)

Type: Miscellaneous
Price: $1.75
AP Sifted Flour:


We are a small family farm outside of Ralston.

A little history about us. I (Sara) am a 5th generation farmer on our current farm. The actual generation goes way further back to my family in Ireland, England, and Germany. Our current farm was homesteaded in 1946 by my Great Grandfather and Grandfather. They broke the land out of the sagebrush and began farming. My family actually dates back to homesteading to the Powell area around 1908 as some as the first homesteaders in the area. 

 Our farm once belonged to Buffalo Bill Cody and was once used as his country club, I fondly remember my grandpa telling stories of digging up golf balls as they plowed fields. 

As you know, we are bringing back forgotten varieties of grains. Especially ones that are in the Slow Food Ark, such as White Sonora and Red Fife. We are working with a few Universities and seed banks to bring others back as well. 

We also believe that in order to gain the most nutrition from these grains that slow stone milling is the only way to go. Our new mill is on its way from Austria.  

We also believe in growing our grains sustainably. We believe in no-till, and building up organic matter naturally with responsible crop rotations and cover crops. We listen to the land and use the most natural approach to keep it healthy for future generations. 





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